FAWM Monday: Perspectives, and experiments

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FAWM Monday: Perspectives, and experiments

A slow week on the writing front for me this week.

Over the weekend, I got quite busy on Saturday, so I didn't get to write anything. On Sunday, nothing wanted to be written, apparently not even this blog post I'm publishing a day late.

I did, however, upload 2 new tracks.

From the Outside

The one song I wrote this week is tentatively called From the Outside. The song is about looking back at your own life like you're outside looking in. While a loved one has the more inside perspective, sometimes knowing yourself better than you know yourself.

I'm considering revisiting this song in the future. I've had an idea for a while about a song based around someone having an identity crisis. Changing some of the lyrics around, and having a second singer sing half of it can give the impression of having 2 different perspectives on one's self. 

That's the nice thing about FAWM demos. These are not finished songs, and there's lots of time to rework them and do what you want.

The Red Planet

This is the instrumental piece I started a couple of weeks ago has been uploaded as well. I named it The Red Planet in honour of the end of the Opportunity rover mission that happened earlier this month.

It does have a space theme feel to the song with some rises and falls, so I thought it was an appropriate dedication.

As I mentioned in my article called Getting silly with it, other than the drums, every track on that song was created using my GR-55 guitar synth. Including the flute, and arpeggiator. 

Coming up

Next week I will be writing a wrap up on the whole of the February Album Writing Month. The wins, the losses, and the lessons learned.

You can see all my songs on the FAWM website by visiting the link below. Including comments from other FAWM members.


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