FAWM Mondays: Getting silly with it

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FAWM Mondays: Getting silly with it

Another week of February done, and I'm starting to lag behind in the 14 song challenge. I completed 2 more songs for a total of 4. Ideally, I would have 5 or 6 by now, so I'm not that far behind.

A big work in progress

Tuesday, I went to my vocal coaching session, and we were working on extending my range. That meant a sore throat in the evening so I started working on an instrumental piece. I got a guitar synthesizer last month, the Roland GR-55. It can make it so my guitar sounds like a bass, a piano, organ, synth, or lots of other things. If you want to hear a demo, you can see the promo video here.

With all the sounds that it's capable of, I want to layer several parts to really explore what this can do.

Completed songs so far

Completed Songs for the week

One of the things that I like about FAWM is people sharing brainstorming ideas. Each year, there's a member with the screen name writeandwrong creates a forum thread and draws people that want to participate a Tarot Card to use as a prompt. This year, they used an "Oracle" deck. 

That prompt gave me an idea for a silly song to write called Bacon for Breakfast (With Chocolate and Beer). Just a silly song to get the juices flowing again after staring at an empty song template for what felt like an hour.

Getting over the writer's block

No matter how hard you try, sometimes, ideas won't come to you. I found this website with 200 song ideas that I started looking through. I came across a suggestion that said "I loved you the moment I met you . . . But now that I've seen you in person, I'm not too sure. (Internet love song)". Reading "Internet Love Song" made me think of the Stone Temple Pilots song Interstate Love Song.

So, then I wrote a parody of that about internet dating called Internet Love Song

I'm hoping that writing a couple of silly songs this week will break the writer's block that I've been having and will get some more new songs next week and get back on track. 

Feel free to follow my FAWM progress here.

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