FAWM Mondays: Love, loss, and recovery

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FAWM Mondays: Love, loss, and recovery

This week, I uploaded 3 new songs to my FAWM list, with one more ready to be uploaded, but I'm going to wait on that one.

Pain of loss

Before you listen to the song "Feel your love", I want to warn you. It's a sad song about loss. So if you're in a place where a song about loss may hurt you, I recommend you skip that one. 

As I've done in the other FAWM posts, here's the playlist of the songs I've written this year.

I wrote Feel Your Love thinking of a friend of mine. They recently lost a close family member and, it hit them quite hard. I had that in mind when writing it.

From a music standpoint, Feel Your Love is the first song I've written for piano. Not being a piano player, I have to admit that a lot of it is played poorly, one measure at a time, and then I fixed each midi note. 

I did this for the personal challenge to write a song using the piano, I think this turned out pretty good. I would love to hear what others think.

You are _____

This song started with a picking pattern. A lot of the time either building up to February and during the month, I'll pick up a guitar quite often for just a few minutes at a time and play a riff, or try some picking patterns. When I do this, I remember the patterns or riffs that I liked and use them later.

That's how the verse to You Are started. A picking pattern I created with a couple weeks ago. After that, I wrote the first verse, but nothing wanted to come after that. I stared at that first verse for a while. It was the start of the writer's block I wrote about last week in my post called Getting Silly With It

Once the chorus was written, the song kind of snowballed. I added in a bass line, drums, and even wrote a guitar solo.

I sometimes forget these are demos and not full songs. I don't need to have all the parts flushed out this early, but it is a great way to see where a song is heading and if I want to work on it later in the year. This one falls into the maybe category for that.

Classical Punk

One of the things I like about FAWM, and I've mentioned it before are the games, and challenges that people post to help you come up with ideas for things to write, or to try new things.

One member posted a challenge to write a song based around Pachelbel's Canon in D. It's a very common, and repetitive pattern that's been used in just about every genre since the 1790s.

If you want a good laugh while learning about some of the songs that have used the famous chords from Pachelbel's Canon in D, watch this rant by Rob Paravonian.

Using that pattern I wrote a punk-ish track about recovery called My Throne. Though I'm not big on that title, I do quite like the song. It has no chorus, and each verse uses the chords first made famous by Pachelbel all those years ago. It was a fun song to do since I don't venture into the realm of punk very often.

The heavy riffs gave me a great excuse to take advantage of my new bass guitar too. I got a 5 string bass at an inventory clearance sale so I was able to get lower notes than I could before. Still working on dialling in a good tone with this new bass, but it's a lot of fun to play.

Final Thoughts

I mentioned last week I was working on an instrumental piece. I think it's done but have an idea for something to add so I'm not uploading it yet. If you want to follow me on FAWM and see what other members are saying about my music, click the link below to explore. Maybe your next favourite musician is there, and you don't know yet.


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