FAWM Mondays: Skirmishes and marathons. More than one way to write a song.

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FAWM Mondays: Skirmishes and marathons. More than one way to write a song.

As I mentioned in my last blog post called, Things are starting to happen, want to know what they are? I'm participating in a challenge to write 14 songs in the 28 days of February. It's the February Album Writing Month challenge, or, as we call it FAWM.

Over the first few days, I managed to get a good start towards hitting the 14 song goal. 

Friday evening I did something called a "Skirmish". They're fun little challenges to write a song get the demo out in about an hour. It took me a bit longer because of some recording issues, but I did get the song called "By Any Means" done. It's a very rough demo, but you can hear it in the playlist below.

The second song "She Says" was a tough one to get started, and then I got carried away.

I stared at the first line for 20 minutes, originally the first line was "She Says, I Know this World", but I couldn't find a way to follow that up. So I scrapped it and started again. As I finished each instrument part, first guitars, then synths, and added drums, then, of course, it needed a bass line.

In total, I spent over 6 hours on that song. That is much longer than I normally would spend on a song for FAWM, I try to get them done in only a couple of hours.

I think that the time and dedication to She Says was worth it. I like the direction it is going and plan on flushing that song out later in the year.

Of course, all that time spent in the studio meant Sunday was spent catching up on things that life makes us do. That means that I didn't get a third song written as I hoped over the weekend.

You can find the full lyrics to the songs on my FAWM profile here.


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